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IT & Security

Ardent Group 365 Ltd: Your Trusted Managed IT Services Provider, stands as a dynamic Managed IT Services Provider (MSP), presenting a progressive approach to delivering premier IT Procurement services coupled with professional expertise. Our comprehensive suite of offerings spans from pragmatic pre-sales technical advice to System Design, Installation, Support, and Consultancy, meticulously tailored to meet your specific requirements.

Catering to diverse sectors, including Education, Healthcare, Local Government, and Businesses across the UK and EU, we pride ourselves on delivering dynamic managed service solutions.  By diligently understanding our clients' needs, we are committed to providing each client with the optimal IT products and services through unique, practical, and tailored solutions.

With over 50 years of collective experience in the IT and Networking landscape, coupled with industry-standard qualifications, Ardent Group 365 Ltd takes the time to comprehensively comprehend your requirements. Our commitment extends beyond mere product delivery, offering 'No Nonsense' technical advice tailored specifically to your organization.

Our core strength lies in advising on the most effective strategies to maximize the potential of your IT infrastructure, thereby enhancing your business operations. At Ardent Group 365 Ltd, we take pride in delivering industry-leading products, services, advice, and strategies that encompass both closed and open-source solutions, precisely tailored to meet the distinctive needs of your organization.

If you would like to understand some of the products and services we provide then please check out our blogs, as you are probably aware this is a fast changing industry and we try to keep these as relevant as possible.


IT Security

In pursuit of robust IT security policies for your organization? Does the contemplation of ensuring the cybersecurity of your business keep you awake at night?


Reach out to us to delve deeper into the comprehensive benefits this service can offer your organization. We are poised to provide you with invaluable insights and solutions to fortify your IT security framework.


IT Support

Are you in search of robust IT support for your business but finding it challenging to identify the right direction? Whether you require assistance in planning or executing your upcoming projects, allow us to be your guiding force.

Let us collaborate with you to not only meet your immediate IT needs but also to strategize and build a future-ready framework for your business.


IT Services

With a wealth of experience, our dedicated staff possesses the capabilities and expertise necessary to propel your business to new heights. At Ardent Group 365 Ltd, we synergize our profound insights and skills to revolutionize your processes and strategies, thereby catalyzing transformative change within your company.


We take pride in contributing to the enhancement and reconfiguration of how our clients structure and manage their businesses, establishing a foundation for sustained growth and success.

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