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Data Cabling

With an extensive history dating back to 1999, Ardent Group 365 Ltd brings forth a wealth of experience in the design and installation of networks tailored to diverse environments and locations. Whether it be a sprawling campus, an industrial complex, a small industrial unit, a contemporary office suite, a remote home office, a bustling retail center, or a quaint high street outlet, our adept team is poised to deliver a complete cabling solution, ensuring seamless connectivity to the vital information your business demands.

Our commitment to excellence is evident in our track record of installing, designing, commissioning, and maintaining high-performance cabled network infrastructures for voice and data. Backed by over 50 years of collective cabling installation experience, our engineers continually enhance their skills through an ongoing training partnership with our primary suppliers.

Our clientele, spanning multinational blue-chip companies, NHS, public sector entities, educational institutions, pharmaceutical firms, electrical installers, manufacturers, financial institutions, retailers, and service industries, attests to our prowess and reliability.

At Ardent Group 365 Ltd, we prioritize understanding our customers and their unique business needs, offering holistic solutions that not only fulfill immediate requirements but also align with future demands.

Quality is the cornerstone of our installations. Ardent Group 365 Ltd exclusively deploys top-tier cables and components, recognizing their pivotal role in maximizing network performance and bolstering business operations.

Structured Cabling Systems form the backbone of information networks in modern organizations. Specifically designed to accommodate frequent moves, additions, and changes, our intelligent structured cabling systems mitigate workflow disruptions and minimize network downtime during internal or external restructuring.

In a world where information reigns supreme, the significance of a fast, efficient, and reliable cabled communication network cannot be overstated. At Ardent Group 365 Ltd, we comprehend this imperative, offering quality cabled connectivity solutions that propel businesses into new dimensions of operational efficiency and profitability.

If you would like to understand some of the products and services we provide then please check out our blogs, as you are probably aware this is a fast changing industry and we try to keep these as relevant as possible.


Fibre Optics

In the relatively recent past, a mere one-fifth of all Local Area Network (LAN) traffic traversed the network backbone. Presently, this landscape has undergone a significant transformation, with approximately 80% of all LAN traffic converging onto the network backbone. This notable shift can be attributed to the emergence of bandwidth-intensive data and media-rich applications.


Moreover, the accelerated adoption of advanced LAN equipment, characterized by enhanced speed and capacity, underscores an escalating demand on cabling systems.

The trajectory of technological  advancements signals a continued need for adaptable and high-performance cabling infrastructure to accommodate the evolving requirements of modern networks.


Voice & Data Cabling

The inception of business communication networks traces back to an era that, even today, remains integral to the fabric of voice and data networks. At Ardent Group 365 Ltd, we specialize in the provision and installation of sophisticated voice and data networks.


Our expertise ranges from individual telephone point setups to the seamless integration of comprehensive networks. Additionally, we excel in the intricate task of aligning existing voice systems with contemporary data networks, ensuring a cohesive and streamlined communication infrastructure for your organization.


Large Companies

At Ardent Group 365 Ltd, we specialize in the meticulous installation of dedicated backbone cables, ranging from 10 pairs to 500 pairs, Fibre Optics seamlessly executed either underground or as interbuilding links.

Our expertise extends to the seamless implementation of moves, adds, or changes to your cabling infrastructure, addressing requirements spanning from individual relocations to entire departmental transitions.

Furthermore, our proficiency allows us to adeptly integrate your existing telephone network with your data cabled network. Trust us to provide comprehensive solutions that align with the specific needs of your business, ensuring a robust and efficient communication infrastructure.

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