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Data Cabling Solutions

Ardent Group 365 Ltd has a wealth of experience in designing and installing networks that fit into all types of environments and locations. From a large campus, an industrial complex, a small industrial unit, a modern office suite or a home worker, a retail centre to a small high street outlet, we can provide a complete cabling solution that will ensure you are connected to all the information your business requires.

We have been installing, designing, commissioning and maintaining high performance cabled network infrastructures for voice and data since 1999. Our engineers have over 50 years of cabling installation experience between them and we operate an on-going training partnership with our main suppliers.

Our client list is always growing and includes multinational blue chip companies, NHS, public sector, Education, pharmaceutical, electrical installers, manufacturing, finance, retail and service industries.

By understanding our customers and their business needs, we offer a complete solution that fulfils your business requirements today and in the future.

Ardent Group 365 Ltd will only install quality cables and components. As well as the installation quality, these are extremely important for getting the maximum performance available for your network and business.

Structured Cabling Systems lie at the very hub of information networks in any modern organisation. They are designed specifically to accommodate frequent logistical moves, additions and changes within an organisation, an intelligent structured cabling system can mitigate workflow disruptions and minimise network downtime associated with internal or external restructuring.

At Ardent Group 365 Ltd, we understand the need for reliable and expandable network infrastructures that enable businesses to operate more effectively and profitably. So we only offer quality cabled connectivity solutions that can take your business to new dimensions.​

In a world where information is the most important commodity, a fast, efficient and reliable cabled communication network is essential.


Fibre Optics

Fewer than 5 years ago, only a fifth of all LAN traffic reached the networks backbone. It is considered that today 80% of all LAN traffic reaches the network backbone. New bandwidth intensive data and media rich applications along with quicker, higher capacity LAN equipment will continue to demand more from cabling systems.


Voice & Data Cabling

This was the earliest form of a business communication network and still today forms an important part of any voice or data  network.

At Ardent Group 365 Ltd we supply and install voice & data networks from a single telephone point to complete networks or structuring existing voice systems to the data network.


Large Companies

We install dedicated backbone cables from 10 pairs to 500 pairs, underground or cabling or interbuilding links.

We can implement the moves, adds or changes to any of your cabling whether it be related to the relocation of one person or a whole department.

We can also structure your existing telephone network onto your data cabled network.

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